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Photo Credit: Chad Phelps, Fall Creek Gorge, NICHES Land Trust

Strategic Plan

ILPA unites and empowers Indiana’s conservation community. We build relationships, foster collaboration, and advance policies that help protect Indiana’s land, water, and wildlife, for all people, forever.

Since 2020, ILPA has collaborated with member land trusts and partners to pursue the following strategic goals:

Dedicated Land Conservation & Capacity Funding: Accelerate and Enhance Land Protection

  • Advocate for legislative action to increase dedicated funding
  • Deliver a unified conservation message
  • Advance innovative conservation funding mechanisms

Strategic Conservation Communications: Provide a Unified Message for Conservation

  • Demonstrate connectivity of people and the land
  • Increase statewide public awareness of member land trusts’ missions
  • Convey the importance of access to open spaces for equity and inclusion

Conservation Organization Training and Sharing: Create Communities of Practice

  • Facilitate collaboration within specialized areas of conservation expertise
  • Provide professional development opportunities
  • Create a support network of volunteers and shared resources

Systematic Land Conservation Planning: Promote Synergy

  • Unite land trusts to leverage their individual strengths
  • Highlight the accomplishments and impact of Indiana land trusts
  • Engage conservation groups and other land users in the planning process

ILPA serves as a catalyst for growth and ecological resilience by increasing the pace and quality of land protection.