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Photograph by McQuillan Photography, LC Nature Park

What is a Land Trust?

Land trusts are nonprofit organizations that work to protect land for wildlife and people. Whether they have natural, scenic, recreational, agricultural, historic, or cultural significance, conserved lands are critically important for local communities.

Why Land Trusts Matter

By protecting Indiana’s special places, land trusts bolster quality of life and foster healthy, vibrant ecosystems. The work they do is truly a labor of love, based on the hope and promise of a brighter and more resilient Indiana. Outdoor activities and natural spaces attract tourists, talent and entrepreneurs who are increasingly drawn to places that support their desire to be outside. Protected lands provide vital habitat for Indiana’s unique wildlife, preserve our longstanding heritage rooted in working lands, offer natural solutions to flooding, and clean the air and water we all need to survive.

Photograph by Megan Schipp, Lowry Karst Preserve, Indiana Karst Conservancy

Indiana Land Trusts

Land trusts in Indiana vary by size, geography and mission. Collectively, they serve all 92 counties. Through ILPA, they are united by a shared commitment to preserving Indiana’s landscapes, connecting habitats, promoting biodiversity and bolstering quality of life.

Lands protected by land trusts are cared for in perpetuity. Stewardship professionals and volunteers use innovative tools, research, and data to restore and manage Indiana’s important (and often fragile) habitats and ecosystems.

Discover your local land trust


Northern Parula, Mud Creek Conservancy

Get Involved!


As non-profit organizations, land trusts rely on your support. Discover your local land trust and help them protect important Hoosier landscapes by making a donation today.


Land trusts are always in need of extra hands. Contact a land trust to learn how you can dedicate your time and talent.

Buy an environmental license plate

When it’s time to renew, choose the blue environmental license plate. Your support will help fund parks, nature preserves, wildlife areas, trails and outdoor recreation in Indiana.


Most land trusts provide opportunities for hiking, bird-watching or nature study. Some offer recreational experiences like kayaking or caving. From environmental education programs to outdoor exploration opportunities, you’ll feel refreshed and inspired.

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