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New Program Allows Public to Create Custom Postcards Highlighting the Indiana Outdoors

State’s first-ever electronic postcard program shares personal nature stories from public with state legislators.

INDIANAPOLIS – Today, Indiana Land Protection Alliance (ILPA) announced the launch of the state’s first-ever electronic postcard program that allows members of the public to share their passion for the outdoors and Indiana’s landscapes with their legislators through a free easy-to-use online platform. The goal of this program is to increase awareness for land conservation statewide. 

To participate in the 2023 postcard program, members of the public are invited to visit ILPA’s website to access an easy-to-use online submission form that can be completed in less than 2 minutes. The platform allows members of the public to upload their personal stories and photos to create a high-quality postcard that ILPA prints and mails to the participant’s state elected officials, based on the provided address. If an individual prefers not to share a personal photo, they can still send a template postcard, provided by ILPA, to their legislators. 

“From rare natural habitats and forests to farms and cultural sites, preserved lands in Indiana inspire curiosity, encourage physical activity and significantly increase quality of life,” said Andrea Huntington, ILPA’s executive director. “Land conservation and opportunities for outdoor recreation are extremely important to the future of Indiana and our State’s ability to attract developing talent. That’s why we’re calling on the public to share their personal experiences in Indiana. Their stories matter to us, and they matter to Indiana’s state representatives.” 

Investments in land conservation programs, such as the President Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust enrich Hoosiers’ quality of life, preserve parks and natural areas for future generations and bolster natural services like clean air and water. 

“We are thrilled to use this platform to share the stories of our members, visitors and volunteers,” said Julie Borgmann, executive director, Red-tail Land Conservancy, an ILPA member. “Land conservation is critically important to ensuring that all Hoosiers and future Hoosiers have an opportunity to experience Indiana’s splendid and diverse natural lands.” 

To send a personalized postcard to your state representatives, visit