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Chase Away the Winter Blues on a Land Trust Trail

We usually love winter, but only to a certain degree.  Say “good bye” to lingering winter blues, by hitting the trails. Here’s where you can start:


The Education Center Trails at the Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation located in Kosciuscko County

Carved into the 40 acres of the Levinson-LaBrosse Lakes and Wetlands Education Center are three trails that offer up to a three mile walk featuring stunning views of wetlands, wooded areas, and lakeshore. This time of year, visitors can expect to see or hear sandhill cranes, eagles, ospreys, and deer. Enjoy a peaceful walk in the habitats surrounding Lake Wawasee.




Yoder Farm Wetlands along the Pumpkinvine

View the privately owned Yoder Farm Wetlands, protected by Wood Land Lakes RC&D, by taking a stroll or a bike ride along the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail. The Pumpkinvine Nature Trail, the Maple City Greenway and the MapleHeart Trail are a regional network of trails that connect Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury and Shipshewana.



Red-tail Land Conservancy‘s McVey Memorial Forest in Randolph County

The McVey Memorial Forest is a wonderful example of upland and lowland forests, prairie, wetlands, and river habitat. The three scenic natural trails meander through diverse landscapes and habitats along Bush Creek with an overlook of the Mississinewa River. Visitors can expect to see Shagbark Hickory trees, woodpeckers, and owls!



Boonville Trails at Wesselman Woods in Vanderburgh County

The straight, tree-lined Boonville Trail provides a beautiful “tunnel” for visitors who can expect to see and hear titmice, cardinals, and various species of woodpeckers during winter! Tree-lovers are sure to enjoy the Biltmore Ash and Chinquapin Oak along this trail.



Central Indiana Land Trust‘s Meltzer Woods in Shelbyville

Meltzer Woods is one of Indiana’s last remaining fragments of old growth forest. Visitors walk under majestic trees, including Shagbark Hickories and Oaks, some dating back to the 1600s. Late winter is a perfect time to spot all varieties of woodpeckers and, in a few short months, the trilling of American toads and other amphibians that breed in the safety of vernal pools.


Shirley Heinze Land Trust‘s Meadowbrook Nature Preserve in Valparaiso

Meadowbrook Nature Preserve features woods, wetlands, streams, and pockets of prairie. Three small streams meander through heavily wooded deep ravines, making it a great spot for birds and other winter wildlife. Enjoy a peaceful walk along the stream and soak up the late winter sun in the reforestation areas where young trees stand among tall grasses.

NICHES Land Trust‘s Weiler Leopold Nature Reserve in Warren County

The Weiler Leopold Nature Reserve is an excellent spot for year-round hiking. This site features a variety of ecosystems ranging from prairies to forests. Several large open grown white oak trees greet hikers along the trail.

Expect to see white-tailed deer, fox, turtles, and bald eagles as the fly up and down the Wabash River Corridor.

LC Nature Park in Allen County

Located in the historic Little River Valley in Allen County, LC Nature Park was once the reserve of Chief Akima Neewilenkwanka of the Myaamia (Miami) Nation. This unique park honors the past while also protecting the natural features for generations to come. All visits are scheduled for the safety of visitors and the wellbeing of the bison and elk that live here, grazing among woodlands, tallgrass prairie, and wetlands.