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ILPA Announces Launch of Statewide Photo Tour Program

ILPA STATEWIDE PHOTO TOUR PROGRAM — Volunteer Photographers needed! 

Indiana Land Protection Alliance (ILPA) seeks professional photographers who are willing to contribute their time and talent to capture the special places that Indiana land trusts protect. Beautiful, creative photographs from all seasons are needed to build awareness and excite Hoosiers for the many opportunities to explore and protect nature in our state.

Position Overview:

Use your photographic talents to ignite our important conservation movement by capturing the diverse landscapes, flora, and fauna that Indiana land trusts protect and manage. Your photographs will also help us document volunteer activities, educational events, and other specialized requests, which may be used by ILPA and member land trusts for a wide variety of purposes, such as social and news media, calendars, reports, and trainings.

Stipends will be provided to help offset travel expenses. The stipend amount is predetermined based on the geographic size and specific photography needs of each region. A list of the regions, partner organizations, and proposed photography needs for each region are attached. This is a general outline of photography needs. It is possible additional (within reason) needs will arise.

One photographer from each region will be chosen.


  • Must be willing to travel to multiple sites and events within a designated geographic region to photograph land trust conservation projects for posterity.
  • Must follow all restrictions set by land trust partners to protect the habitat. This includes (but is not limited to) staying on designated trails, parking in designated areas, and setting a good example for other visitors who may observe your work.
  • Shall represent ILPA in a professional manner and abide by all rules, regulations, and safety guidelines while volunteering on land trusts’ properties.
  • If the Photographer is asked to photograph a property that is not open to the public, the Photographer must coordinate the photography session and receive prior approval from the land trust staff. Certain situations may require accompaniment by member land trust staff or representatives.
  • Shall review and edit photography prior to submission and submit best photos. Digital photographs will be submitted to ILPA via Dropbox as JPG files in the largest format available, but not to exceed 15 MG/ photo. The preferred photo resolution is 600 DPI.
  • Shall track and report their time.


  • Work on their own schedule, while following all site regulations.
  • Specific photography needs (which may include weekend-time) may be requested on occasion and will be coordinated directly with ILPA and the member land trust.


  • Access to their own camera and other photography equipment.
  • Experience with photography and photo editing.
  • Ability to communicate clearly with ILPA staff and to receive and understand assignments.
  • Friendly, courteous, and respectful to staff, volunteers, and site visitors.
  • Reliable transportation and is willing to travel throughout their designated region in the State.
  • Understanding and acceptance of potential risks such as but not limited to inclement weather, uneven terrain, and wildlife encounters.

Photography Use Conditions:

  • Copyright will remain with the photographer. ILPA will credit the Photographer for their work in print and digital media. Photos will be made available for ILPA and its members to use in perpetuity.
  • ILPA may at its discretion crop, reduce, enlarge, darken, lighten, place text over, or otherwise alter the image to suit the form of media in which we are using the photo.
  • ILPA is under no obligation to use or publish any submitted photograph that does not meet suitable standards of quality or subject matter.
  • ILPA agrees not to sell any submitted image or give permission to anyone to use an image without prior written permission from the photographer.

Interested parties should email Andrea Huntington at The deadline to apply is midnight Wednesday, March 27.

In your email, please include subject line “ILPA Photo Tour Application,” along with the following information:

1) your full name

2) mailing address

3) email address

4) telephone number

5) a short statement of your interest in this position

6) a brief outline of your experience in photography

7) your favorite outdoor place to photograph in Indiana

8) the region or regions you are interested in (listed below)

Please also include at least five photographs you have taken of local nature. Your application photos should be submitted JPG format, 150 DPI, with the longest edge no longer than 1500 px. Examples may include photographs of landscapes, specific plants or wildlife, or people enjoying the outdoors.

Regional Photography Needs and Stipends

Northeast Indiana – $1,750

Blue Heron Ministries: Landscape, Flora, Fauna, and Stewardship Photos

Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy: Landscape, Flora, Fauna, and Community Event Photos

Wood-Land-Lakes RC&D: Landscape and Farm Family Photos

Northwest Indiana – $1,750

Shirley Heinze Land Trust: Landscape, Flora, Fauna, Stewardship and Community Event Photos

NICHES Land Trust: Landscape, Flora, Fauna, Stewardship and Community Event Photos

Central Indiana – $2,500

Central Indiana Land Trust: Landscape, Flora, Fauna, Stewardship and Community Event Photos

Mud Creek Conservancy: Landscape, Flora, Fauna, and Community Event Photos

Ouabache Land Conservancy: Landscape, Flora, Fauna, and Community Event Photos

Red-tail Land Conservancy: Landscape, Flora, Fauna, and Community Event Photos

Oxbow Region – $1,000 

Archaeological Research Institute: Landscape/Site and Community Event Photos

Oxbow, Inc.: Landscape, Flora, Fauna, and Community Events

Southern Indiana – $2,500 

Sycamore Land Trust: Landscape, Flora, Fauna, Stewardship and Community Event Photos

Indiana Karst Conservancy: Landscape, Flora, Fauna, and Community Event Photos

George Rogers Clark Trust: Landscape and Farm Family Photos

Southwest Indiana – $750 

Wesselman Woods: Landscape, Flora, Fauna, and Community Event Photos