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Photographers Selected for Statewide Photo Tour Program

Last month, thanks to generous grant funding from Cleveland-Cliffs, we solicited applications from photographers throughout the state for six volunteer photographer positions. We were absolutely amazed with the response we received. Nearly 60 exceptional photographers reached out, sharing their stories and art with us. We were deeply touched by the applications and wish we could partner and provide stipends to all who applied. However, we made many wonderful contacts through this program and hope to collaborate with many of the photographers who participated in the future. All of the photographers demonstrated great talent and passion for Indiana’s lands.

After thoughtful deliberation, a small committee comprised of land trust professionals from around the state selected six photographers for this project. We’re thrilled to introduce them.

Northwest Region Photographer: Michael Gard
Hometown: Valparaiso, IN

Michael Gard has been a professional photographer since 1990 and has spent most of that time working for newspapers in Northwest Indiana. His favorite subjects to photograph are natural areas, especially national parks, and travels whenever possible to visit them.

Northeast Region Photographer: James Taylor
Hometown: Roanoke, IN

James is a wildlife/landscape/family/pet photographer. Being outside, in his element, capturing all things nature is truly his happy place.

Central Region Photographer: Kate Huston

Hometown: Muncie, IN

Kate has been in photography for 10+ years, with nature and wildlife being her favorite subjects. She enjoys exploring nature preserves with her children and teaching them the importance of conservancy. She can’t wait to share her time & photos with the ILPA team!

Southern Region Photographer: Gary R. Morrison

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Gary R. Morrison is a Bloomington-based landscape photographer whose love for photography grew out of his passion for photography and hiking at a young age. An Indiana native and professor emeritus of instructional design at Old Dominion University, Gary’s photographs have appeared in multiple juried shows around the country. Gary focuses primarily on landscape photography with a growing interest in creating intimate landscape portraits.

Southwest Region Photographer: Andrew Layer

Hometown: Newburgh, IN

Andrew Layer is a project engineer with a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering who officially started photography when they found out his wife was pregnant with their first child in 2019. However, he has always loved the arts thanks to his mother/art teacher/fellow photographer who instilled that combing art with STEM is s critical element to well-rounded growth. Andrew views photography as “designing light” and besides photographing family/friends, has volunteered with his church’s photo ministry from 2020-2023 and with Wesselman Woods from 2023-present.

Oxbow Region Photographer: Bill Krider
Hometown: Greendale, IN

Bill has been a professional photographer since 1976, and grew up just over a mile from the Oxbow. However, it was only in the last several years that he combined his love for photography with deep regard and appreciation for the Oxbow. He now visit the Oxbow at least twice a week, accompanied by his mirrorless Nikon Z9 and attached long lens. He goes there with no expectations, but almost always comes away with a photograph, an adventure, a chance encounter with another visitor, or just the realization that we live in a complex and beautiful world.