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Introducing the Indiana Wetlands Challenge

Welcome to a New Adventure in Indiana’s Great Outdoors!

Today marks the launch of an exciting initiative that invites you to embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, and conservation—introducing the Indiana Wetlands Challenge! Presented by the Indiana Land Protection Alliance and our dedicated partners, this program is designed to celebrate the wonders of our state’s wetlands and inspire you to become a champion for these vital ecosystems.

Why We Care

Indiana’s wetlands are teeming with life, harboring rare and unique plants and animals. These diverse ecosystems include habitats such as bogs, fens, swamps, marshes, and forested wetlands, each with its own captivating charm. As we invite you to take the Indiana Wetlands Challenge, we hope to uncover the remarkable stories hidden within these lush landscapes.

Learn more and download the infographic!


The Indiana Wetlands Challenge Guide: Your Passport to Adventure

To guide you on your journey of discovery, we’ve created an Indiana Wetlands Challenge Guide. Inside, you’ll find a curated list of some of Indiana’s most exceptional protected wetlands. Several of the sites host a special exhibit and selfie station that make visiting fun for the whole family!

How to Get Started: Join the Challenge Today!

Download the Guide: To kickstart your wetland exploration, download the Indiana Wetlands Challenge Guide. It’s your passport to the adventure of a lifetime.

Visit a Wetland: Pick a wetland from the guide and plan your visit. Each wetland offers a unique experience, from the serene beauty of forested wetlands to the fascinating world of bogs and fens.

Learn and Share: As you explore these special ecosystems, take in the beauty, learn about the species that call them home, and share your experiences with your friends and family. Use the hashtag #IndianaWetlands and tag us at @ProtectIndianaLand on Facebook and/or Instagram to connect with fellow adventurers.

Join the Movement: Be a Champion for Indiana Wetlands

Wetlands are not just beautiful and unique; they are essential to the health and future of our Hoosier State. They help purify our water, provide habitat for countless species, store carbon, and protect our communities from flooding. By participating in the Indiana Wetlands Challenge, you’re taking a stand for the preservation and protection of these invaluable ecosystems.

We invite you to go a step further and be a champion for Indiana Wetlands. Create a custom postcard. We will mail them to your Indiana state legislators and Governor Holcomb. Show them you care deeply about Indiana Wetlands and want to see them protected for generations to come.

Let the Indiana Wetlands Challenge Begin!

Get ready to embark on a journey filled with discovery, adventure, and the chance to make a real difference. The Indiana Wetlands Challenge is here, and we can’t wait to see the wetlands through your eyes. Happy exploring, Hoosiers!


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